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Shabu Games provides information about online games ranging from playing puzzle games, addicting games, board games, shoot em up, online casino and poker and other types of games online. The main purpose of this website is provide some general incite into the world of online games, the history of online games and the future of where games and gaming is headed.

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History of online games

Online games are now the most played games anywhere in the world and with more and more people relying on computers and smartphones, online gaming is one of the most popular ways for people to enjoy games at any time. Online gaming actually started in the 1970s with Dial-up Bulletin Boards. In the 1990s, Java and Flash technology emerged and gaming sites started to show up all over the internet. Some sites offered free games while others required a fee. These types of sites stayed around and now, there are thousands of online sites that offer gaming for players from all over the world.

World of Warcraft was one of the first huge hits online and this game is now enjoyed by more than 11 million people. This was followed by other online games that allowed players to play against each other. Multi-player gaming is one of the popular pastimes for thousands. In addition to these types of games, online casino games also entered the picture in the 1990s and with major software providers like Microgaming and Playtech, online casinos started popping up, offering players the ability to play real money games right from home. Online gaming has been popular since it was first introduced and today, millions of people from many locations log on daily to play some amazing games, many of which are quite addicting. The games range from standard arcade style games to intense role playing games, all providing a form of entertainment online and from home.

Present state of online games

Today, online gaming is enjoyed by just about everyone that has access to the internet. The World of Warcraft continues to be popular with many new expansion packs having come out over the years. There are a number of other games that are similar, including the newest release, Game of Thrones as well as Diablo. Casual gamers enjoy a number of free sites, where standard games like puzzle games, arcade games and board games can be played. Some of these are played alone and others allow players to play with players from other locations globally. Many players who are serious about gaming will be involved in role playing games, which have become very popular among younger gamers.

The latest technology has allowed players to also access games that used to be played on video game consoles, where they can compete with players around the world. Casino games are also very popular and there are a number of free sites that offer great games like slots and blackjack. There are also hundreds of licensed online casinos operating that offer real money play, where players can play the games just as if they were at a land based casino and win payouts. When it comes to online gaming today, the options are endless. Players will find all types of games that will meet their needs, some basic and casual games and others being more intense and rime consuming games. As technology continues to generate new games, gamers all over the world have millions of choices when they choose to engage in various types of games that can be found online. With free sites and paid sites available, players can choose how they wish to play and at what level, offering the ability for new and experienced gamers to have access to amazing games that are realistic and intensely satisfying.

Future of online games

Gaming sites are being revamped all the time and when it comes to online casinos, new sites and new games are always emerging. The latest games offer live dealer action and the games are far more enhanced than ever before. In the coming years, more titles will become available and the experience will be even more lifelike than it is now. Computers will become faster and servers will have faster speeds, so games that are in the role playing genre will surely continue to be popular as they become more enhanced and more realistic.

Virtual reality games will also be on the horizon and many large companies are working to develop devices that are worn on the body, such as glasses that present a virtual view of games and devices that are used to control actions in the games. Secondary gaming devices will also be developed and these can allow players to access maps and inventory lists without leaving the main game on the main screen. Another thing to look forward to with future gaming is Augmented Reality. This involves using a device to collect surrounding data and information and present it as part of a game. So, instead of walking down any street, players can actually walk down their own street and play the game as if it were in their very own neighborhood. With this technology, there is no telling where online gaming will go in the future. The gaming industry is always moving forward and with so many new developments on the horizon, online gaming will be an experience like never before. Gone are the days of a simple game of Pong. Now, virtual reality is the thing and this will be the focus of many games that will be developed in the future.

HTML5 games

With so many people enjoying the action and entertainment of online games, it goes to reason that leading developers of software would focus on offering the same types of games for mobile players. with Androids and Apple users all over the world, there are hundreds of games that can accessed through apps and through web sites that are accessed right from the device. Any device that has the ability to connect to the internet can be used for online gaming on the go, which is great for those who are always moving and do not have the time to sit in front of a computer to play their favourite games.

Games that are designed for mobile devices will run optimally on the device and may require a download. A number of online casino games as well as puzzle, shoot em up and arcade games will require a download, which can be performed by visiting the app store on the device. Once the game is downloaded, it can be accessed at any time and the connection will be made through the web browser, allowing players to play with others. Mobile games have become a huge craze and with so many players always on the go, they allow the ability to play at any time and never miss any action. Some games may be too large to download and may not be available on a mobile device, which is common with role playing games. However, other types of games, including parlour and board games can quickly be downloaded. There are also a number of sites that can be visited through the device that require no download at all, and these games can often be accessed using either an android or iOS device like an iPhone or iPad.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games are very appealing to players and these games can be fun as well as challenging. There are many different types of puzzle games, with standard games like crosswords and find a word games as well as games that require much more skill to play and complete. With puzzle games, players will enjoy basic game graphics and these games can be played easily on a desktop or a mobile device. Some sites are loaded with hundreds of top rated puzzle games that are completely free while other sites have a small membership fee. With paid sites, players will often compete against others to achieve the best scores and can even win real money payouts or other prizes from playing the games and doing well.

The great aspect of puzzle games is that they force players to use their brains to figure things out. There are games where players will outwit physics, build cities and towns, solve map quests and even assemble jigsaw puzzles in the least amount of time. Puzzle games are easy to play, but they will require skill for players to be successful. These games are designed with bright and bold colors for an appealing presentation and they can operate smoothly on mobile devices for on the go entertainment. Some of the most popular puzzle games include Mah Jong, Tetris, Bejewelled, Candy Crush, Farmville, Build-A-Lot and Sudoku. Every puzzle game will challenge players to figure out the best way to solve levels or achieve goals, making these games some of the most popular played online.

Card games

Card games make up for a massive array of games that are featured online and these games are often easy to play and enjoyable. Card games can be found at many free gaming sites, can be downloaded from app stores on mobile devices and can even be played for real money at paid sites or online casinos. There are literally hundreds of different card games that can be played, ranging from simple solitaire games to complex casino games like Red Dog or Caribbean Stud Poker. No matter what type of card game a player enjoys, they will easily find a game that will meet their needs and provide for an enjoyable gaming experience online. Card games are often basic games and many are offered as HTML5 games, with no download needed. Since there are basic graphics, the games are fast to access and easy to follow. Most card games have different skill levels that can be chosen as well.

When it comes to different solitaire card games, there are many choices and players will find great games like Pyramid Solitaire or Spider Solitaire. These games are great for those that like to play alone. For players who wish to play with others, games like Jungle Gin, Spades, Hearts, Bridge or Poker can be found. When accessing an online casino, there are tons of card games that can be played for free or for real money. Players will find many variations of poker like Three Card Poker, Pai Gow, Texas Hold Em and more. There are also exciting games like Casino War that can be enjoyed. There are also a number of blackjack games like Red Dog, Spanish 21, Atlantic City Blackjack, Pontoon and more. While most online card games are simple to play, some will require knowledge and even strategies to be successful, especially when playing against others online.

Addicting Games

Many of the games that are being played today by players all over the world are addicting games. A game that draws players back and keeps them playing for hours is considered to be an addicting game. If players have to access the game every day or even many times a day, it is an addicting game. There are many games that progress players through different levels and offer achievements. These types of games will hold players attention and will have them not wanting to stop playing. The most addictive games can result in players playing for hours without even realizing how much time they have spent playing that game. Many of the leading games today are quite addicting and players are competing with friends and other players for their spot as a leader or to jump ahead in levels.

Any type of game can be addicting. Many players are addicted to gambling games online, where they can win and lose large amounts of money. Other players are addicted to skill and puzzle games like the popular Candy Crush game. Some are addicted to role playing games, where they get lost in another world as an escape from reality. Just about every game that is created has the ability to create an addicted player and if there are rewards for playing or the ability to beat other players, one will often become addicted. It is human nature to want to win and outdo competitors, so it is easy to understand why many players will become addicted to their favourite games. While online games are developed to be a form of entertainment, may have attracted millions of players who play the game on a regular basis.

Board games

Board games make up for some of the most played games online and these games are enjoyed by players who like to compete with others while playing a traditional game. Many Online gaming sites will offer a full list of available board games, some that require a download and others that can be played right through the web browser. Board games can also be played on a mobile device, though some games are better played on a desktop since players will need to make use of a larger viewing area. There are many types of board games that can be played, with the popular games being standard games like Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers and Backgammon. Since so many players do enjoy the action of a board game, some sites have levels that can be achieved by winning a number of games or even offer prizes for those that win the most games in a period of time. Paid gaming sites are often home to some great board games, especially those where two players can compete to win, such as with Checkers or Cribbage.

Board games can also be licensed and branded games as some sites offer Monopoly, The Game of Life, PayDay and other popular gamest that players often play at home. With these games, players will play the game with others from various locations worldwide, creating a great social experience as well as an enjoyable gaming experience. A number of the board games that are offered at gaming sites are played in real time, meaning that each move is done as it would be in real life and the games progress in a timely manner. Other games offer the ability to save the progress and return at a later date. Online board games can be played with other human players or they can be played against a computer. Some players find it more of a challenge to play with a computer, especially when playing skill games like Chess or Backgammon.

Shoot em up games

Shoot Em Up games are games of skill and are any game where players are required to shoot at a target. These games are very exciting and will require developed skills to be successful. Shoot Em Up games can be enjoyed on desktops as well as on mobile devices and these games offer hours of entertainment and fun for gamers of all ages. They promote hand eye coordination and also encourage players to be competitive. With online shooting games, players can play against others or by themselves, trying to beat their own scores. There are some great multi-player shooting games that can be found and these are also classified as action games, such as Alien Arena, a first person shooting game that is very popular online.

Some other popular types of shooter games are also flight games, where players will take on the role of a pilot and shoot down enemy planes. There are also hunting games, where players will go out to hunt deer, ducks and other animals. Some shooter games are military themed, where players will protect their country by shooting enemy soldiers or exploding tanks and planes. There are many types of shoot em up games that can be enjoyed and players will have to find which type of game suits their needs and skill levels. With a great variety of these games, there are always amazing choices that can be accessed. New shooting games are always coming out and are available online, both as free or paid games. These games require discipline, patience and skill, posing a challenge to some players, which is why these games are so popular and often addicting.

Online casino games

Online casino games are very popular and there are a large number of sites that present these games. Since so many players from around the world enjoy slot games, these can often be found on free gaming sites, paid sites and app stores. The casino games that are featured online are played just as they would be if players were to visit a casino. Many fantastic online casino resources are out there such as catering to an international online casino player audience or something like offering Australian gambling specific information. There are hundreds of game titles that can be played for free, though many players who enjoy these types of games will want to play for real money, which is why online casinos have become so popular. There are literally hundreds of operating casino sites that cater top real money players, offering the ability to wager on games with various bet amounts and win real payouts, even progressive jackpots.

Online casinos games have been enhanced over the years and the games that are now seen online are replicas of the true casino games in land casinos. Players will find realistic sounds and effects as well as great details on the table and card games. There are also live dealer games now offered, where players can play against others in a lifelike setting in real time. These games use live dealers and offer games that are simulcast from land locations. Online casinos are home to many great games from standard slots to classic card and table games. There are also many variations of video poker, blackjack, roulette, poker and slots that can be enjoyed, so there is a game for all players. Online casino games are usually played for real money and many sites offer impressive player bonuses to attract new real money bettors. However, there are also a number of sites that offer free games for casual play.

Online poker games

Poker is an exciting and thrilling card game to play and most players will appreciate the offering of online games. When it com to playing poker online, there are a variety of sites that will offer free or real money games. New players will often play games for free in a casual setting and this can be very beneficial. It will allow players to enjoy risk free games while learning rules of new variations and developing strategies that will assist them when they do play for real money online. Online poker games will vary per site, but players will easily be able to find the most popular game variations. These include 5 and 7 Card Stud, Caribbean stud, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Texas Hold Em.

Playing online poker is attractive for experienced and even professional players. With a huge number of operating poker rooms, these players can play for real money and stand the chance to win huge payouts. There are also a number of poker tournaments that can be played, offering huge jackpot payouts to leading players. Professional poker players are often found online at leading sites like PokerStars, where they are playing high stakes games and qualifying for tournaments. It is possible for online players to earn a seat to the world Series of Poker tournament, one of the largest and best known events in the poker industry. Online poker is a great way to enjoy the game without having to visit a casino or a poker room. With online games, players will have the ability to select different betting options at various tables, can select from many variations of the game and can compete with some of the best poker players in the world. Playing online poker can also be a fun and casual experience as there are a number of low stakes tables for beginners and free games for those that do not wish to gamble online.